Chartered Wealth Advisors®

You may notice that some of our Financial Consultants carry the Chartered Wealth Advisor® (CWA®) designation.  Following is information about this designation and what it means to you as a client of Hilliard Lyons.

A Designation of Distinction

What does it mean to you to have a Hilliard Lyons Chartered Wealth Advisor® (CWA®) looking out for your financial interests?

It means that you will have a qualified professional who is trained to recognize opportunities—as well as pitfalls—in your TOTAL financial picture.
The complexities of building, preserving and passing along wealth have never been greater; a variety of factors have combined to create unprecedented challenges. Affluent investors are increasingly seeking guidance and comprehensive solutions that consider their unique circumstances and long-term goals. Without question, there is a premium on the expertise that addresses the complicated wealth management process.
The Chartered Wealth Advisor® (CWA®) designation is awarded only to Hilliard Lyons Financial Consultants who have completed an extensive program concerning the varied aspects of wealth management. The program includes classroom study, self study, case studies, periodic testing and a comprehensive final exam over the course of six months.

Chartered Wealth Advisors® are trained in the following:

  • Portfolio evaluation and asset allocation strategies
  • Estate planning and the transfer of wealth.
  • Charitable gifting strategies
  • Succession planning and the other needs of business owners
  • Retirement planning
  • Risk management and insurance strategies

A Chartered Wealth Advisor® is trained in recognizing and leveraging the many resources available at Hilliard Lyons, as well as those available through collaborating with your CPA and attorney, where appropriate, for a truly integrated financial plan.

If your financial position is such that it requires many levels of discipline and proficiency, a Hilliard Lyons Chartered Wealth Advisor® can help bring it all into focus with a single, comprehensive strategy.