Lending Solutions

Hilliard Lyons Has Solutions for Your Borrowing Needs

Borrowing on Margin
Even those with significant income and collateral can find it difficult to get loans approved in today’s environment. As a Hilliard Lyons client, you can use the margin power of your own assets as collateral for a loan. Whether you need short-term credit or a loan large enough to cover a mortgage, your Hilliard Lyons brokerage account may be the answer.
You can borrow up to 50% of the value of your marginable assets for any need you may have. (You cannot borrow against a retirement account, such as your IRA). There’s no loan application to complete and no credit checks. You simply call your Financial Consultant and request the funds. We’ll send you a check or deposit funds in your account.
It's that easy, and you pay back the principal and interest on your own terms, as long as the margined securities in your account maintain a sufficient value.
Carrying securities on margin does come with market risk that you should consider. If the value of your securities fall below maintenance, you will be required to deposit funds to bring the margin balance back in line with the value of your account or Hilliard Lyons can sell your margined securities to fulfill your percentage requirement.
Your Hilliard Lyons Financial Consultant can help you determine if borrowing on margin is a smart choice for you after a careful review of the “Risks of Margin Investing”. If it is, all you need to do is review and sign our Margin Agreement. If margin lending isn’t right for you, Hilliard Lyons has other lending options available as well (See "Hilliard Lyons Private Banking" below).
Additional information can be found in the Statement of Credit Terms and Other Margin Disclosures.

Personal and Business Lending Services

Hilliard Lyons has partnered with the leading providers of personal and business lending services to support clients’ short or long-term financing needs.  Through our partnership with TriState Capital, The Bancorp Bank, and Wells Fargo, clients have access to a Non-Purpose Line of Credit with both variable and fixed interest rate options.  The lines are collateralized with the liquid assets in your Hilliard Lyons account and are available to individuals and business entities (including corporations, LLCs, LPs, trusts and nonprofit entities and foundations).