Managed Accounts

Empowering investors through managed account solutions

Managing wealth can be as difficult as creating it. The proliferation of new investment products and the intertwining of global economy are only some of the factors which make today’s financial markets extremely complex. Keeping up-to-date on economic trends, and understanding how they impact your investments, can be a complicated endeavor.
Partner with a team of financial professionals who can help you navigate all markets and access the world’s top investment talent, as they help guide you toward your financial goals.
Through a full range of managed account solutions, Hilliard Lyons Financial Consultants provide customized investment programs tailored to meet your unique investment objectives and constraints.
When you choose a Hilliard Lyons managed account solution, a dedicated Financial Consultant—will work with you to create your personal investment program. Depending upon your investment needs, your portfolio may be managed by internal or external managers, chosen for their experience and adherence to their process and philosophy for investment management.
Your Hilliard Lyons managed account is customized to fit your goals.
When you want your investment strategy to fit your life needs, turn to a managed account solution from Hilliard Lyons.
Every Hilliard Lyons managed account program is designed to translate your goals and dreams into a disciplined financial program. Here’s how:
       We learn your goals and create your investment profile
       Your Financial Consultant works with you to develop your investment strategy
       Talented investment professionals construct your personal investment program
       We monitor your investments, and will work with you on an ongoing basis to make changes, as needed
       Your account may be rebalanced, as necessary
       You are kept up-to-date on your account with frequent and thorough reporting
Skilled financial professionals manage your account
No matter which kind of Hilliard Lyons managed account solution you choose, we provide you access to skilled financial professionals. If your investment portfolio is comprised of mutual funds, for instance, we carefully search among the thousands of funds available for those best suited to your situation.
When your holdings are managed directly by money managers, you have unparalleled access to carefully selected investment professionals – identified through a through screening process and multiple layers of due diligence.
At Hilliard Lyons, we have a managed account solution that is right for you
Your Hilliard Lyons Financial Consultant can match you to the managed account program that is right for you. Find your Financial Consultant to learn more about our managed account programs.